About us

How it all started…

For quite some time, founder and managing director Thorsten Rosebrock had been thinking about the idea of making use of his passion and expertise from over 20 years of experience in the barbecue market in order to implement his own ideas.
During a stay in England, the idea matured more and more into a concrete plan. Soon, HAMSON was born and at the same time the name, as well. While in England, he was struck by the motto of the Anglo-Saxon clan Hamson “Nunc aut auqum”, which translates as “Now or never”. Thorsten Rosebrock felt that the motto for the foundation could not be more fitting and so the name HAMSON has soon been decided.
Thanks to decades of experience in the industry, many of HAMSON’s contacts have grown over the years. As an internationally oriented company, we also have a worldwide network of expertise, e.g. with a product development team and designers from England, sales contacts throughout Europe and production facilities in Germany, South Africa and China, among others.

What we stand for

We want to share our passion and enthusiasm for good, shared food with our products from HAMSON: With many years of expertise and our passion for high-quality products, we manufacture first-class gas, charcoal and electric barbecues as well as barbecue accessories. At HAMSON, we provide our consumers with the joy and fun of barbecuing and want to share our enthusiasm for unique barbecue moments. For us, quality, passion, reliability, design, fun and attention to detail are our top priorities. With our experience, we are excellent contact partners- we are responsible to ensure that every customer is advised on their needs and wishes in order to guarantee everyone the best conditions for a unique barbecue experience. We want to inspire every consumer with this honest promise.

Our values


Reliability is at the heart of everything we do. We interpret this in many different ways: we strive to act in a (socially) responsible manner, taking into account the impact on our society and the environment. For our products, reliability means not only our high quality standards, but also safety. For a sustainable product experience at all times.


Fun is the basis of creative work. People who enjoy their work are more motivated, more productive and this contributes to the long-term success of our company. We believe in this and that is why it is particularly important to us that we enjoy what we do.

Love for details

It’s often the smallest things that make the (big) difference in the end. And this translates not only into our product design, but also into the way we work and our daily actions: we always act with care and place particular emphasis on small details.


We work together towards our goal and support each other. It is especially important for us to maintain a basis of mutual respect, trust and honesty both among us in the team and with our clients.